Rockabilly Ace Of Spades Tie Pin

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Ariella Rockabilly Ace Of Spades Tie Pin

Great to wear if your into Rockabilly, Magic, Cards or if you just think they look cool. The fabric is nice and shinny so the design really stands out. Wear it to a poker game and make your opponents think they are up against a card shark. 

Also great for those into Rockabilly, add it to a hat or tie.

Covered Buttoned Tie Pin, Rockabilly Ace of Spades Design*

You can attach this pin to a:

  • tie 
  • lapel 
  • shirt
  • hat
  • bag


Ariella's tie pins are ethically handmade in Melbourne, Australia, and are of the highest quality. Only new materials are used to make the industrial strength covered buttons, so they are made to last.

* placement of design may vary

clips contain small parts, please use with adult supervision.