Bib Development

Posted by Ariella on 28th Aug 2014

I have designed and developed these waterproof baby led weaning bibs after buying countless feeding bibs for my own child and finding that they didn’t do what I needed them to. After months of road testing different fabrics, fastenings and drafting patterns, I came up with an amazing durable and washable waterproof feeding bib.


It really repels water! If your baby or toddler is eating a curry, spaghetti bolognese, yogurt, beetroot or porridge, the food and water will not be absorbed and go through to the clothes. The pocket has been made in a way that it can contain the water without it leaking. Great for when a baby is eating soup on their own. I found a majority of waterproof baby bibs had really loose necklines which meant that water would just slide straight down the neck under the bib and onto the clothes. I designed this bib with an adjustable neckline that can fit the baby as it grows.

A strong Velcro® closure was chosen. After numerous trials, Velcro® proved to be the most user-friendly and provided the most neck adjustments. Tested on babies with longer hair, this was the preferred option as it didn’t get tangled as easily as snaps and ties. Velcro® is also great if dexterity is an issue or if you have huge man hands, as it doesn’t require much co-ordination. Using strong, high quality Velcro® makes it hard for the baby to pull it off.

The biggest feature of this waterproof baby led weaning bib is how easy it is to use and care for. Absorbent fabric baby bibs do exactly that, absorb everything - which means they need constant laundering or soaking to remove stains and can look old quickly. You also need a large supply to get you through the day. With Ariella’s waterproof baby bib it’s easy: just empty the pocket, give it a wipe with a damp cloth and then hang it up to dry. Simple! It’s also very quick drying, so it will be ready for the next meal. You can use the same bib day in, day out. It can even be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle if needed. If you follow the care instructions the bib will stay in excellent condition.


The designs have been carefully selected so your baby will look uber-stylish in this unique bib. Be prepared for more oohs and ahhs when you are out!

Handmade using polyurethane laminated fabric which is lead, phthalate and BPA free.

All our waterproof baby led weaning bibs, at Ariella, are designed and handmade in Australia.