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Adult tailored clothing is not available online at the moment as I make everything from scratch. To organize a consultation and a fitting please email me, I am based in Melbourne Australia however I do travel regularly to Canberra and Queensland for fittings so can meet you there. If you live in another state or overseas please contact me as this is also possible. Depending on what you order will determine how many fittings are required but roughly 2-3. I have some ready to wear available off the rack at markets and events.

I work with you to create something that will not only suit your unique body type it will also ,make you feel comfortable. I create for any gender and size and love creating for people that can never find anything off the rack as they may be out of proportion for mainstream fashion.

To be a master tailor you need to know how to sculpt the fabric and we have techniques that create something that’s flat like fabric into a masterpiece. I don’t make boring contemporary corporate office suits I create things you will not get anywhere else. I create vintage style pieces that fit a contemporary body. Waistcoats are my specialty and I enjoy making them for women who are after a traditional mens waistcoat but fit the female body. Also it’s a given get something from a tailor and you will get decent pockets and they will work!

All my patterns are hand drafted using traditional pattern making methods taught to me by my grandfather and his close friends which I have developed into my own signature style. I do not do any pattern making or grading in a computer program.  

I deliver personal service, and am proud to be old school.   


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I do have Adult Aprons and Accessories and Homewares which you may be interested in online to purchase.

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