About Us


Master Tailor Ariella explains her passion for her craft and the influence her grandfather had on her career. Filmed after a busy weekend demonstrating tailoring at the Lost Trades Fair Australia.  


Master Tailor Quality 

The difference between a tailor and a Master Tailor? 

Years of training, precise attention to detail, unique tools of a highly specialised trade – and a legacy that spans generations. 

In the world of personalised clothing creation, Master Tailors are the top of the tree. 


My apprenticeship began with my grandfather – a European Master Tailor who honed his own skills over a lifetime of hands-on garment design and attention to detail as a proud artisan in a long line of bespoke designers and tailoring specialists.. 

My exceptional skills combine the very best of traditional tailoring precision and cutting edge fabricsI’m proud to be ‘old-school’.  


I launched my business – offering fashion, costume design and tailoring services in Melbourne Australia – in 1999. 

Munique design skills have created costumes for theatre performers and musicians – people who appreciate the added flair and originality that truly original design and exceptional workmanship delivers. had the distinction of designing and making the initial uniforms for Galactic Circus and KingPin at Crown Casino when they first opened in Melbourne Australia. 

My exciting range of hand-crafted ready-to-wear clothing (and accessories) for adults and children signals a fresh direction for my Master Tailor skills, with small design runs, a healthy dose of vintage-inspiration and a hint of sub-culture individuality to help you stand out  in style. Think individual creations that help your personality shine on  with colours, cuts and prints to turn heads  and sought-after Master Tailor sewing skills to deliver the perfect finish. 


To achieve the perfect fit for you, I design, hand draft patterns, cut and sew everything myself  for ethically-manufactured, genuinely hand-made clothing you’ll be proud to wear. 

The result is truly impeccable quality – from my careful hands to your individual style. 

My passion is clear – to keep the art of tailoring alive.



Ariella Master Tailor in her workroom when she launched her ready-to-wear children's clothes.